Society Update

Wow how life has changed around the world because of COVID-19, altering our course and affecting our personal and professional lives. 2020 found me faced with making changes to how I was conducting business, and the future of our Societies. There will be some changes to our website, recommended by the Government. We will be creating a Website, Instagram and Twitter Account for Uniting Hands for PTSD Foundation, and separating from Love From The Inside Wellness Society even though Uniting Hands for PTSD Foundation will be under their umbrella. We will be offering pro-bono counselling through Love From The Inside Wellness Society so no money will be transferred and work will be offered by professionals on a volunteer basis meeting the needs of our communities. These changes will take some time to complete and I will continue to update our website as we start to actively engage with our supporters.


Important Notice!

To Whom it Concerns;

Andrea Zoric was a Board Member of ours  from July 2018 to June 2019 who was one of many that assisted in the organization of the Symposium “Hope for PTSD” which was held on October 4, 2018 along with Dr. Connie Allsopp who became a Board Member following the event.

In June 2019 they decided to take that name and start “Hope for PTSD a Global Initiative Foundation”, left our board and self promoted their version of the event. Rather than fight a legal battle, we decided to just let it go and wish them well in their endeavors believing that they served the great vision and mission helping those with PTSD.   We did however seek some legal advice and have since started “Uniting Hands for PTSD Foundation”.  We hope this clears up any misunderstandings that may have occurred.

Since then it has come to our attention several times, that people think we are now associated with them, as they are using photos and other material from the event on their Facebook and other pages which we and many others deem to be highly unethical.  We are no longer associated or have been in contact since June and need to make that clear, as we had to remove them from our board and business proceedings.

Should you desire to see the minutes, financial and extra related to this project we are happy to provide them on a limited viewing basis.  Thank you for your understanding!  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at (250)900-7707.

On behalf of the Love From The Inside Wellness Society Board.

Counselling Coverage

Trish Scoular is a Registered Professional Counsellor who is approved by Empire Life, ICBC and Greenshield.   She is continually working on getting covered by other service providers.   Her training is in Abuse & Domestic Violence, Addictions & Recovery, Community Based Counselling, Conflict, Suicide & Emergency Intervention, Grief, Depression and Anxiety, Youth and Family Counselling and Couples Counselling.

She has taken Core Mental Health through Sany’as Indigenous Cultural Training plus two other trainings with them, is working on Gottman Training, has done Traumatic Incident Reporting, uses CBT and ACT, person centred, solution focussed and whatever is unique to the clients individual needs.

She has a Patient Safety Certificate through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.  She has a Certificate in the Dementia Care Series, Indian Head Massage and has numerous certificates having worked as a Nursing Assistant with seniors and other complex care clients for 26 years.

She is a Trainer for the RCMP Neighbours, Friends and Families and will facilitate workshops in your local area to bring Coming Together to Prevent Relationship Violence.   She is a Reiki Master Teacher, a Wedding Officiant registered with BC Vital Statistics, and has Healing Touch Level One and Two.

Update on the Shoebox Project

We are thankful for the people of our community Nanaimo and area, as they donated 120 beautifully wrapped Christmas presents that were dropped off to shelters on December 16, 2019.   We support Nanaimo Women’s Resource Center, Haven Society, Island Care Crisis Society (Samaritans House, Mary’s Place and Martha’s Place), Somenos House in Duncan and their Homeless Outreach through CWAV and IWAV on Saltspring Island.  We are planning a benefit for May that will be a makeover for a few women who are ready to transition back into the community.  This will be a fashion show and tea.

We are also grateful for the many businesses who open their offices us each year.  In 2019 we had Yours and Mine Consignment Store, Lobelias Lair, Kris Ireland Marketing Director for the Old City Quarter in Nanaimo, Woodgrove Center who packaged 25 boxes on Black Friday they donated through guest services.  North Town Center Mall, Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce, Michelle Graham and Associates.   Without the businesses stepping up and wanting to see this project successful, it would not run.  So please let’s thank them for their wonderful contribution next time you visit their place of business,

Member of the European Commission

In 2018, we became a member of the European Commission which allows us the opportunity to partner with NGOs and others in the EU on projects that align with the goals of our Wellness Society.

In March of 2019, our BOD and LEAR Project Lead went to Oslo Norway where he was invited to meet representatives of the European Parliament.  They enjoyed our presentation, supporting our initiatives they accepted us as a member also.  We are thrilled and this allows us to now work abroad and to speak on matters we are passionate about.

Part of what we do is advocate on behalf of issues while trying to bridge the gap on matters that affect us globally.  This will allow Patrick and myself the opportunity to address Parliament should we need too.  We will keep you up to date when we are awarded any partnerships.




Uniting Hands For PTSD Foundation

We are excited to launch Uniting Hands For PTSD Foundation. We are happy to get things moving with our current project. We are putting together a group of people who share our vision and goal who will support in an advisory manner, we are grateful for the few who have said yes already. We are also looking for benefactors who could support us in the long term financially. PTSD and trauma related injuries are very real and affecting many lives. We will provide the kind of center our clients and their families need that is from a trauma informed perspective, staff who are qualified and trained, 1-800 number for those who are in crisis, and more. Supporting people in our communities is important to us, and providing quality care is essential to meeting their needs.

Upcoming Conference in Feb 2020

We are excited to be having another conference on Feb 13, 2020 at the Chief and Petty Officers Mess. We have a stellar agenda for the day, with professionals who are excited to share their techniques, you can apply to your Loving Self Toolkit. Symptoms of PTSD are very real, and from all the feedback we got back from our Symposium in 2018, we are wanting to give you proven techniques that we know work. We provide a safe and supportive environment in which you can learn.

We will be posting more information in the coming weeks, and tickets will be available soon on Eventbrite. Stay tuned!

Counseling services

We are happy to announce we will be offering services at a fee that is affordable, these will be discussed at your initial assessment. We can provide you with counselling on trauma, abuse, domestic violence, anxiety, depression and more. Your mental and emotional health are important to us, and our services provide confidentiality, a safe environment to open up in and counsellors who are professionally trained and licensed in BC.

If you have any questions or would like a confidential 1:1 assessment please contact us at We will be offering online scheduling to make the process much easier