A Mindful Look at Depression

Mindfulness has become a new technique that is seen more in therapy.     It’s benefits are to assist the person into a place of joy, that originates in the heart center.    It is about creating and cultivating compassion with self.    As we learn more about self love, we start with positive self talk.     For those who may be stuck in negative self talk it will take some time to transition into this new way of thinking.     Don’t dismay though as you will notice a shift as you begin to practice it more.

When we take a mindful look at depression we look at mindfulness based stress reduction and how it can apply to our current situation.    This technique can help with chronic diseases, debilitating conditions, as well as any psychological problems such as anxiety and panic attacks.      The benefits of MBSR are often seen in changes of the way a person feels, thinks and behaves.    Also in changes of the patterns in the brain activity where underlying negative emotions are.

When we find depression pulling us down, we often want to react by trying to get rid of those feelings by suppressing them or trying to think our way out of them.   In this process we relive past regrets, and focus on future worries.    We try to come up with reasons for our perceived failures, and try to reason solutions that make us feel worse when we can’t come up with any.     By practicing mindfulness we can begin to let go of these past regrets and worries.    It will increase our mental flexibility so that new options open up to you.

Mindfulness can prevent the normal unhappy state we are in from not spiraling into depression.    It does this by tapping into our inner and outer resources for learning, growing and healing.      For most of us depression begins as a reaction to a tragedy or reversal in life.    Events that are likely to trigger depression are losses, humiliations, and defeats that leave us feeling trapped by our circumstances.     Depression is becoming more common around the world and not just affecting people who are older, but starting to affect those in their 20s too.

If you are interested in learning more about Mindfulness I will be hosting a 90 minute presentation on this topic on Tuesday June 5 at the 6 – 730 pm in the Bethlehem Center on Westwood Lake Road in Nanaimo, BC.       The fee will be by donation.    I hope you can join us and learn the healing benefits of this wonderful technique.    If you have any questions, please contact me at lovefrominsidewellnesssociety@gmail.com


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