Greetings to everyone for taking an interest in the goodness of this Wellness Society.    Much has been happening since I last blogged, and wanted to share an update.    I have been trying to get registered charitable status, and have been denied twice due to two small issues.    I will attempt a third time with the hope of success!   I understand from others though that the process does take time and sometimes up to a few years before they are approved.

In the meantime I have been restructuring how the society will run.    My goal this year is to hold two symposiums in Nanaimo, that will engage business owners, government agencies and many more who are working with the types of clients I will be creating awareness for.     There will be more posted as the planning and approval from the Board of Directors is complete.

My intention is to create more activity on this website, so I will be offering more blog posts .   By offering posts that are due to specific issues such as depression, chronic pain, PTSD, elder abuse, homelessness, workplace bullying, plus more.   It’s one of our goals, to implement these kinds of workshops and symposiums that will engage a broader scope of people.    We want to involve everyone, as wellness affects us all on the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and sexual parts of ourselves.

I hope you will stay tuned for what is ahead.      If there are any local professionals who would like to submit a post on wellness please get a hold of us at      Thanks kindly.

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