BC Legislature


smartselect_20190601-082021_facebookIn December we met with MLAs from the B.C. Liberal Caucus to discuss our concerns regarding Post Traumatic Stress Injury.    Many thanks to Dr. Michael Sorsdahl, Janelle Breese Biagioni and Constable Gerald Breese Biagioni Center for Traumatic Life Losses, Our board, Mike Annens of VI Compassion Dog Society, Genoa Light Laser Therapy Josh and Crystal.   We asked that a motion be accepted for Best Practices when it comes to treating and recognizing anybody living with PTSD.   Thank you to MLA Jane Thornthwaite for attending our event and welcoming us to the B.C. Legislature, it meant a lot to each person who was able to share and attended. She has accepted our motion and we are working on what came out of the Symposium moving forward.




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