Important Notice

Love From The Inside Wellness Society and Uniting Hands For PTSD Foundation are very excited for our upcoming initiatives to support individuals who live with P TSD. While there are many organizations providing information about PTSD, please look for our logo

to keep informed of our work. Feel free to contact our office at (250)900-7707 for information on upcoming events or to ask questions. Thank you

Exercise and PTSD

Thankful to our Co-Founder Patrick Bensen, a Clinical Psychologist and Counsellor with a background in Social Work to. He was part of the training team for  Norwegian Olympic Snowboarding, who also started the First Adventure Race in Norway, called the VIKING RAID ADVENTURE RACE. We are very thankful he is a member of our board, a person who is kind and compassionate, and a very good friend. If you have any questions for him concerning the benefits of exercise and PTSD, please email and we will be happy to pass them along, so we can answer any questions you may have.  This is an answer to one of the questions that was posed at our Symposium HOPE FOR PTSD.



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