Counselling Coverage

Trish Scoular is a Registered Professional Counsellor who is approved by Empire Life, ICBC and Greenshield.   She is continually working on getting covered by other service providers.   Her training is in Abuse & Domestic Violence, Addictions & Recovery, Community Based Counselling, Conflict, Suicide & Emergency Intervention, Grief, Depression and Anxiety, Youth and Family Counselling and Couples Counselling.

She has taken Core Mental Health through Sany’as Indigenous Cultural Training plus two other trainings with them, is working on Gottman Training, has done Traumatic Incident Reporting, uses CBT and ACT, person centred, solution focussed and whatever is unique to the clients individual needs.

She has a Patient Safety Certificate through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.  She has a Certificate in the Dementia Care Series, Indian Head Massage and has numerous certificates having worked as a Nursing Assistant with seniors and other complex care clients for 26 years.

She is a Trainer for the RCMP Neighbours, Friends and Families and will facilitate workshops in your local area to bring Coming Together to Prevent Relationship Violence.   She is a Reiki Master Teacher, a Wedding Officiant registered with BC Vital Statistics, and has Healing Touch Level One and Two.

One thought on “Counselling Coverage

  1. Great email Trish!
    I am still setting up on JANE as there is a real learning curve, but boy is it ever worth the money! Huge Hugs!!!!…and .hopefully I will be able to give you one in person on the 13th of February at your conference. I am hoping to attend it and am spreading the word locally!


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