Vision & Purpose

Our Vision

 “Love From The Inside”  means to truly love ourselves, it requires that we start within.  It’s a journey worth taking, that will cultivate meaningful relationships and connection.   In healing ourselves, we will profoundly change our lives, community and the world for the better.

Our Purpose

To promote wellness to the whole person based on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, regardless of religion, culture or race.

To allow the individual (s) or families access to resources that will promote wellness on a local and provincial level, while working towards making an impact on global issues pertaining to what we want to bring awareness too by bridging the impact.

To encourage counselling and other alternative practices that promote wellness and healing.   Through workshops that promote and develop skills that will enhance the learner in all areas of their life.

To foster Community Spirit, by providing education and research that addressees community and social issues such as alleviating poverty, addiction, family violence, social justice, elder abuse, chronic pain to name a few.


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