Board of Directors



Trish Scoular, RPC
She has worked as a Registered Professional Counsellor since 2013, working with clients who have anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, co-dependency, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, have been bullied and co-dependancy.  She has a Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling.   A Certificate as a Continuing Care Assistant where she has worked with the senior population for 26 years.  She has been working with clients who have mental and physical concerns, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  She has taken many courses to help her understand her clients needs, while also supporting their family, as a Community Health Worker.   I have worked in ER/ICU, Psychiatry, Acute, Extended Care and Intermediate Care as a nursing aide.

She has a Diploma in Hairdressing, MakeUp Art and Broadcast Arts (TV & Radio).   She is a member of the Canadian Professional Counsellor Association and Past-President/Marketing Director for the CPCA serving 2.5 years representing members in BC/Yukon. She is also a member of the Ladysmith Waterfront Art Gallery and has been an active member of the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce.

She is the Published Author of “Steps to Loving You, Creating Positive Changes” and Best Selling Co-Author of “Shine Volume 3: Choosing Success Over Adversary”. “Whispering Thoughts: Poems about Love, Life and Living” and “What is Chronic Pain? Resource Guide Part 1-3”.

She has been the Coordinator of the Shoebox Project for Women by Dream, for 4 years now serving Parksville and Nanaimo, and last year bringing on the communities of Duncan including Saltspring Island.   She is also an Artist and has a small dog.



Patrick Bensen
LEAR Project Leader – European Commission and European Parliament

Patrick has a Master in Psychology and is originally from Norway.   He has worked as a Clinician in Counselling Psychology or Psychotherapy for the Royal Social Service of Norway under the Ministry of Health & Mental Health.   Totaling get more than 7500 hours of direct Counselling so far, Patrick is well trained in CBT & Client-Centered Therapy.

Patrick is a member of CCPA (Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association), IAC (International Counselling Association) with consulting right to the United Nations and the APA (American Psychological Association)

His biggest achievements in Psychotherapy are:   to have represented Norway two times at the United Nations and four times at the Council of Europe.  In 2016, Patrick was chosen by the United Nations Scientific Committee to be one of the keynote speakers for the 50th year anniversary of IAC.   He has been invited by Harvard Medical School to talk on advanced methodology and is registered as an Expert for the European Union.

Patrick is well-trained to work with either individual using CBT and Client-Centered method (Rogers) or with couples where he mainly uses the EFT Method to achieve great results.    He has also a major in Organizational Psychology that can be useful in case of Workplace Counselling, Organizational Change, and HR Counselling.  He is the CEO of PB Consulting Ltd and has a seat as a committee member for the Canadian Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award delivered every year across Canada by the APA.

In his free time, Patrick enjoys any nature activities and sports like for example Snowboarding (Ex-assistant trainer for the Olympic Norwegian Snowboard Junior Team).  Patrick is also a skilled musician and singer.   He is a film maker and has produced films that were presented at the International Film Festival in Cannes.  He is also a founding member of the society.


Ipswa Mescacakanis
Douglas Headworth, Director at Large and Acting Treasurer of the Board

Ipswa has been an Elder In Residence with Worldtree Community in Nanaimo.  He has worked as a Clinical Counsellor for 30 years.   He works with a Mankind Project, and with Tribal Journeys along our coastal waters.  He is a veteran and a moderator in Counselling, has a Bachelor of Arts in First Nations studies and a Degree in Counselling.   He is also a Founding member of the society.

 Tammy Phye

Professional Coach and Business Owner of Lifestyle Harmony. She is our Acting Secretary





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