Membership in the Society shall be open to all persons or groups who:

Have a passion for promoting wellness to people within the community they reside in.

Support the principles, objectives and purposes set forth by the Society.

Members who belong to another Society will not hold office or be included as a voting member, if it is deemed there is a conflict of interest.

Membership may be cancelled if individuals or corporations are deemed a threat to the public, themselves, or the operation of the Society.

Membership dues shall be paid in full at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Members will adhere to the principles, responsibilities, organization, ethics, and best practices as outlined in the bylaws, constitution, goals and objectives of the Society.

Members may be required to produce and maintain a police record check every five years. If they are members of a professional association, they will be kept in good standing and meet local, provincial and federal guidelines laid out within the guidelines. Carry liability insurance if necessary.

All registered Members in good standing are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

All the foregoing shall be subject to the provisions of the Canada Corporations Act, including amendments that are made through the Society upon application.

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