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Love From The Inside Wellness Society and Uniting Hands For PTSD Foundation are very excited for our upcoming initiatives to support individuals who live with P TSD. While there are many organizations providing information about PTSD, please look for our logo

to keep informed of our work. Feel free to contact our office at (250)900-7707 for information on upcoming events or to ask questions. Thank you

Exercise and PTSD

Thankful to our Co-Founder Patrick Bensen, a Clinical Psychologist and Counsellor with a background in Social Work to. He was part of the training team for  Norwegian Olympic Snowboarding, who also started the First Adventure Race in Norway, called the VIKING RAID ADVENTURE RACE. We are very thankful he is a member of our board, a person who is kind and compassionate, and a very good friend. If you have any questions for him concerning the benefits of exercise and PTSD, please email and we will be happy to pass them along, so we can answer any questions you may have.  This is an answer to one of the questions that was posed at our Symposium HOPE FOR PTSD.



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BC Legislature


smartselect_20190601-082021_facebookIn December we met with MLAs from the B.C. Liberal Caucus to discuss our concerns regarding Post Traumatic Stress Injury.    Many thanks to Dr. Michael Sorsdahl, Janelle Breese Biagioni and Constable Gerald Breese Biagioni Center for Traumatic Life Losses, Our board, Mike Annens of VI Compassion Dog Society, Genoa Light Laser Therapy Josh and Crystal.   We asked that a motion be accepted for Best Practices when it comes to treating and recognizing anybody living with PTSD.   Thank you to MLA Jane Thornthwaite for attending our event and welcoming us to the B.C. Legislature, it meant a lot to each person who was able to share and attended. She has accepted our motion and we are working on what came out of the Symposium moving forward.




Our Partner

We have partnered with Alberta Bullying Resource Center from Edmonton Alberta.   Linda Crockett, MSW is a friend and colleague.  She is also a leader in Alberta when it comes to addressing Workplace Bullying.    We will be hosting some training in the fall which we will post more about soon.   This is an issue that is close to my heart and one I know affects many people’s lives.   Having a Wellness Society is a good way to address many issues seen in our communities throughout British Columbia.

I will share more about Linda later, and in the meantime you can check out her website at  I partnered with her two years ago and have been wanting to do more in this area of public awareness, workshops and more.    For me it was a no-brainer, and decided to bring her under the Wellness Society umbrella since my business name changed.    We have received two years of proclamations from the City of Nanaimo City and Council and will continue to do so as we advocate and work with employers, families, individuals who may be victims or perpetrators.  Everyone needs help!



The Shoebox Project For Women In Shelters October 15 – December 20, 2018

The Shoebox Project for Women in Shelters was founded in 2011 by the Mulroney Sisters in Toronto Ontario.    In their first year they had over 500 shoeboxes donated To shelters.   Discovering that some women have never experienced something as wonderful as this, that it continued to grow and expand nationally bringing on many coordinators across Canada.

They have campaigns that also target Valentines & Mother’s Day.    They have a curriculum on homelessness that teachers can offer in schools, that will invite schools in learning more about this community issue, while having boxes donated that will go to meet the needs of women in shelters in their local areas.   The beautiful part of being a part of this lovely project is knowing that women in shelters won’t be left out this Christmas.   Not knowing their personal stories we do know that when they receive a gift their anxiety levels lessen and their sense of love to community expands.

Since becoming the Coordinator 3 years ago we have expanded locally to meet the needs of women in Nanaimo, Parksville, Saltspring Island and Duncan.     We support the Nanaimo Women’s Resource Center, Haven Society, Samaritan’s House, Island Women Against Violence (Saltspring Island) and Somenos House.     Our TARGET GOAL this year is 250.      The drop off locations will be listed on our website by visiting Shoebox Project for Women in Shelters Nanaimo/Area.  This year’s campaign will start on October 15 and finishing on December 20, 2018 so we will have the boxes delivered well before the holidays begin.      Look for more postings on our facebook page and here!



Our Panel Guests for the Symposium HOPE FOR PTSD October 4, 2018

Here are the Panel Guests we have confirmed so far:

Supt. John Brewer (BC RCMP Community Enhancement & Aboriginal Policing)

Dr. Michael Sorsdahl (

Bruno Geuvremont (Veteran, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur)

Janelle Breese Biagioni (Counsellor with Brain Injury) Constable Gerald Breese Center for Traumatic Life Losses

Linda Crockett MSW ( Alberta Bullying Resource & Research Center Inc.)

MP Murray Rankin Constituency Assistant addressing Bill C-211 a new Federal Conservative Private Members Bill on PTSD)

Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs (Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs) Panel & roundtable discussions

Lt. Col (Ret’d) Chris Linford (Nat’l Ambassador Wounded Warriors & COPE) –

Patrick Bensen (Patrick Bensen Online Consulting) – roundtable discussio

Moderator Alana DeLong – former MLA for Calgary Bowness for 14 years

plus more ……


Love From The Inside Wellness Society and
Constable Gerald Breese Traumatic Life Losses

Is pleased to Announce

Our Keynote Speaker

Dr. Michael Sorsdahl, CD, PhD (Education), RCC, CCC, GCDFi

October 4, 2018 from 8 – 5 pm
CFB Esquimalt Chief & Petty Officers Mess.
1575 Lyall Street, Victoria BC

Dr. Michael Sorsdahl is a Registered Provisional Psychologist (Alberta), Registered Clinical Counsellor, Canadian Certified Counsellor, Global Career Development Facilitator with Instructor Designation. Following his 20+ years of service with the Royal Canadian Navy as a Senior Naval Reserve Officer. He now combines his military service and experience from counselling, to help military and para-military clients overcome mental health challenges and transition into the civilian service. He has become known as a Leader in the field of Trauma Therapy (PTSD), and also works with LGBTQ issues, Men’s issues, life transitions, group dynamics/counselling and Counsellor education. Currently he teaches at the University of Victoria as a seasonal instructor in the Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies (EPLS) department and is an instructor at Yorkville University in the Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology program. We are happy he will be joining many others in our panel discussion.

This will be an educational opportunity for members of the public to attend and learn more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There will be a lineup of great speakers, who are invited as panel guests and roundtable discussion leaders working on solutions/brainstorming.    Lunch, breaks and drinks will be included in the Entrance Fee. Tickets will be on sale soon, there will be early bird and late registration.

Upcoming Event in support of PTSD June 8 & 9 In the Cowichan Valley

I wanted to let you all know of an event that is coming up on June 8 & 9 in the Cowichan Valley.    The organizations name is Light On PTSD.    Cycle around a track for 24 hours while participating in other events they have planned too.   You can expect to stay overnight while attending.   Jennifer Brum is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who has her own practice, and active in treating this disorder; who is one of the co-founders of this event.

What is PTSD you ask?     Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a common reaction to a very stressful or traumatic event that has occurred in our life.    Whether you have been in combat for the military overseas, suffered a bad car accident, been raped or experienced physical or sexual abuse; been the victim of a serious crime, lived through a natural disaster such as flooding or bombing or seeing someone you loved dearly die.

Three symptoms often association with PTSD are:   Reliving the Trauma, Avoiding, Signs of Physical Stress, such as difficulty sleeping, feeling irritable or angry all the time, feel like your in a fog most of the time and constantly feeling tense or on guard.

It is often not explained as to why some suffer PTSD and others don’t.   All we know is that it affects each person in different ways, which is why treatment is crucial.    We will be hosting a Symposium on PTSD on September 18, 2018 in Victoria.   Please stay tuned for more information and please support Light on PTSD on June 8 & 9th.


A Mindful Look at Depression

Mindfulness has become a new technique that is seen more in therapy.     It’s benefits are to assist the person into a place of joy, that originates in the heart center.    It is about creating and cultivating compassion with self.    As we learn more about self love, we start with positive self talk.     For those who may be stuck in negative self talk it will take some time to transition into this new way of thinking.     Don’t dismay though as you will notice a shift as you begin to practice it more.

When we take a mindful look at depression we look at mindfulness based stress reduction and how it can apply to our current situation.    This technique can help with chronic diseases, debilitating conditions, as well as any psychological problems such as anxiety and panic attacks.      The benefits of MBSR are often seen in changes of the way a person feels, thinks and behaves.    Also in changes of the patterns in the brain activity where underlying negative emotions are.

When we find depression pulling us down, we often want to react by trying to get rid of those feelings by suppressing them or trying to think our way out of them.   In this process we relive past regrets, and focus on future worries.    We try to come up with reasons for our perceived failures, and try to reason solutions that make us feel worse when we can’t come up with any.     By practicing mindfulness we can begin to let go of these past regrets and worries.    It will increase our mental flexibility so that new options open up to you.

Mindfulness can prevent the normal unhappy state we are in from not spiraling into depression.    It does this by tapping into our inner and outer resources for learning, growing and healing.      For most of us depression begins as a reaction to a tragedy or reversal in life.    Events that are likely to trigger depression are losses, humiliations, and defeats that leave us feeling trapped by our circumstances.     Depression is becoming more common around the world and not just affecting people who are older, but starting to affect those in their 20s too.

If you are interested in learning more about Mindfulness I will be hosting a 90 minute presentation on this topic on Tuesday June 5 at the 6 – 730 pm in the Bethlehem Center on Westwood Lake Road in Nanaimo, BC.       The fee will be by donation.    I hope you can join us and learn the healing benefits of this wonderful technique.    If you have any questions, please contact me at



Greetings to everyone for taking an interest in the goodness of this Wellness Society.    Much has been happening since I last blogged, and wanted to share an update.    I have been trying to get registered charitable status, and have been denied twice due to two small issues.    I will attempt a third time with the hope of success!   I understand from others though that the process does take time and sometimes up to a few years before they are approved.

In the meantime I have been restructuring how the society will run.    My goal this year is to hold two symposiums in Nanaimo, that will engage business owners, government agencies and many more who are working with the types of clients I will be creating awareness for.     There will be more posted as the planning and approval from the Board of Directors is complete.

My intention is to create more activity on this website, so I will be offering more blog posts .   By offering posts that are due to specific issues such as depression, chronic pain, PTSD, elder abuse, homelessness, workplace bullying, plus more.   It’s one of our goals, to implement these kinds of workshops and symposiums that will engage a broader scope of people.    We want to involve everyone, as wellness affects us all on the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and sexual parts of ourselves.

I hope you will stay tuned for what is ahead.      If there are any local professionals who would like to submit a post on wellness please get a hold of us at      Thanks kindly.