Who We Are

We are a group of people who are passionate about health and wellness, based on what we need to maintain balance in our lives.    Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual, when one is out of alignment our life doesn’t seem to flow in a healthy manner.    Which is why it’s important we seek help in all areas of your life.      We also have a varied background in education.    Three of us are clinical counsellors with practices of our own, while the other two have a varied background in legal, holistic practice and business.   They support my vision and dream!

We are excited to engage with community minded people who are interested in change and who want to create a culture aimed at improving health, wellness and building a stronger community based on principles that support that model.    Together we can create an environment where people are getting the support and resources that they need, that will make a positive impact long term in their life and the community they reside.

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